Phone number: (516) 221-6600

22 Apr 2017
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Caller: Emilymoots
Call Type: Fax machine
12 Jan 2016

Caller: 516 221 6600
Call Type: Unknown
west coast housewife
25 Aug 2015
This number currently belongs to Regis Capital. I'm on the west coast and they call around 6:00 am, weekdays. They always ask for Charles. I've had this number for 12 years and we have repeatedly asked them to stop calling, as there is no Charles here. I believe they are investment brokers.

Caller: 5162216600
Call Type: Telemarketer
15 Jun 2015
WHAT A MAROON!!!!!!! Rich please Your Name? This Craig with A**** (slurred so I couldn't identify) What is this regarding? I'm calling him back That's not possible he hasn't been here in over a month VERY RUDE TONES...What do you mean.... I didn't know that..... I'm just calling him back..... You know what, I'm done.... I'm closing my account with you people. PEOPLE GRAB A CLUE.... WE ARE THE PROFESSIONALS AND WE KNOW ALL YOUR GAMES. AND THAT'S WHY YOU DON'T GET PAST US.

Caller: None
Call Type: Unknown
03 Feb 2015
The sales rep continues to call despite being asked not to call again. Because I will no longer answer the call, I am being repeatedly called during the day. Before anyone can pick up the call, the caller disconnects. This is harassment. My phone is on the national no call list, but these con artists do seem to care.

Caller: 5162216600
Call Type: Harassment
Exec Assistant
06 Nov 2014
Hey Mr. Bravada, spoke with your supervisor Kevin. Enjoy the meeting (or not) as let's face it, they obviously did not go to the school of "get more bees with honey than vinegar". Disgusting sales practice and approach. Rude on the phones. Supervisors sound as if they don't care if their sales guys are rude or not. Have the feeling of "don't care what you do to get the calls but get them in". Really pathetic they way they treat the EA's but expect an actual referral. Company is now under Aegis Capital. Please be warned of their practices. Caller: (516) 221-660 Call Type: Telemarketer

Caller: 5162216600
Call Type: Harassment

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